Dubai - Fujeira: 200 km. Mas o mais difícil vai ser acordar às 5h... palmas para os organizadores do evento!

Subject: Cycle foreSight

Dear all,

Well Cycle foreSight is almost upon us! I am delighted that so many of Wolfi's regular cyclists have volunteered to support us and will ride with us over to Le Meridien Al Aqah.

Please find below full details of how the day will work:

START TIME: We will leave Le Meriden Mina Seyahi at 6am. We will cycle along to Safa Park and meet up with the regular cyclists who have started from the Lime Tree (they will delay their start time by 15 minutes) and all cycle together out to Nad al Sheba. As we are planning to meet the other cyclists, we need to leave right on 6am, so please be ready to go at that time. Le Meriden Mina Seyahi will have some refreshments for us before we leave, so we plan to meet from 5.30am.

TANDEM 1 : For most of the journey we will have 2 tandems cycling along in the group. Tandem 1 (most of the time) have a visually impaired or blind rider on the back). The plan is to change cyclists roughly every 20kms. The van carrying the bikes and the minibus with the cyclists, will go ahead to the next change over point and the cyclists will prepare themselves. We aim to disrupt the flow of the other cyclists as little as possible, so the starting tandem will set off once the pack come into view. The tandem finishing will then stop and bike and cyclists loaded into vans.

TANDEM 2 : This will always be ridden by 2 sighted riders. As 2 of the bikes will be used in relay for blind cyclists, this one is used whenever possible. If you are riding this you generally do a longer ride.

PERSONAL BIKES: For those of you who are doing a leg on the tandem and are also planning on bringing your own bike, please email me and let let me know if you have your own transport back from Fujeirah and if you can fit an additional bike in your car? We do have some space in the van but I ned to allocate it now. As much help as possible would be great on this please. I don't want peole not to be able to cycle with us as we can't get their bike back.

TRANSPORT BACK FROM FUJEIRAH : Your familes are welcome to join us at Al Aqah for a welcome party. We have places in a number of cars for people to return to Dubai – please let me know ASAP if you'd like a lift back.

SUPPORT VEHICLES: We will have a number of support vehicles along the way, including Wolfi's van should anyone get tired and want their bike transporting. Can you please let me know if any of your families are planning on driving along in a support role.

MOUNTAINS: We have made the decision that when we reach the foot of the mountains we will load the tandems into the back of the van and drive over. We will wait for the individual cyclists on the other side.

ROAD WORKS IN KALBA: There are some road works as you leave leave Kalba on the coastal road. The local police have been informed and we are waiting to hear if we are to be offered a police escort. Please bear in mind that we may have to go slow in this area if the road is busy.

WELCOME PARTY AT AL AQAH: When we finally make it over to Al AQah they have kindly offered to throw us a 'Welcome Party'. This is a sponsorsed event by them. If you would like your family to come along, they are very welcome to join in. Please let me know numbers so I can advise the hotel in advance. If your family would like to use the facilites at the hotel for the day, they can take advanctage of a promotional rate of AED100 per person. There will be no charge for guests arriving just for the party. Showers will be available for the cyclists. We will aim to arrive at the hotel about 2pm (depending on the wind).

Hope that covers everything. Attached is rota for those of you riding on tandems. We will try to stick to this as much as possible, but I know you are all aware that even our training sesions plans change very quickly, so I would ask you all to be flexible with me on the day!

Many many thanks for all your support for what we are sure will be a super day.

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions,

Kind regards,

Catherine Wallwork

Foresight – Event Manager

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Torcas disse...


Tu fez a barba, mas ainda tá cabeludo pro carnaval!

João Roberto Kelly - Cabeleira do Zezé
João Roberto Kelly-Roberto Faissal
Olha a cabeleira do zezé
Será que ele é
Será que ele é

Será que ele é bossa nova
Será que ele é maomé
Parece que é transviado
Mas isso eu não sei se ele é

Corta o cabelo dele!
Corta o cabelo dele!

iglou disse...

Da hora, tandem pra deficientes visuais!!! Aqui, na Holanda, tandem é coisa de família: adulto na frente, criança atrás. Pra deficientes, só vi bikes adaptadas pra aqueles deficientes físicos que não têm braços, mas as mãos diretamente nos ombros. Bom pedal pra ti!