Getting back

After a while on holidays of myself, let's restart again. So far, I fancy translating this music from the 3rd or 4th post below:

Sabiá there in the cage
Hervé Cordovil e Mário Vieira

Sabiá there in the cage
made a little hole
flew, flew, flew, flew
And the girl who liked
so much the little pet
cried, cried, cried, cried

Sabiá fled to the yard
went to sing there in the avocado tree
And the girl keeps calling
Come here, sabiá, come here

Sabiá there in the cage...

The girl says hiccuping
Sabiá I'm waiting for you
Sabiá replies from there
Don't cry that I'll get back

3 comentários:

iglou disse...

Êh, melancolia...

Keke disse...

Estava sentindo saudade dos seus posts. :-)

Leandro disse...